What are the benefits of staging?

A staged home has many benefits. 

  • A staged home tends to sell for more money than a non-staged home.
  • A staged home also tends to sell faster than a non-staged home.
  • Staging a house can be more cost effective than a dramatic price reduction.
  • Staged homes create the illusion of a desirable lifestyle.
  • When a house is staged, it shows the buyer that the seller is very serious.
  • Staged homes help a house appeal to multiple buyers because they’re designed purposely to do so.
  • A staged house can also help reflect a key demographic, therefore allowing buyers to envision themselves living there.
  • Stager’s purposefully make houses look bigger and more expensive with tools and tricks.
  • Staging a home takes pressure and work off the sellers.

What’s the process like?

Each client will have a customized course of action plan drawn up by their stager. The first step is setting up a consultation. This is where we come to your home and do a detailed walk through of the property. At this time the Artique stagers will come up with a custom plan for your home. We will help to work within your budget and time frame.

Once the green light is given, Artique will shop for any rental furniture, artwork, etc that is needed for your property. We then will handle all ordering, delivery, and set up on staging day.

We suggest giving us a call so we can talk in further detail about our process since we treat each client uniquely.

What is the difference between staging a vacant home versus an occupied home?

There are multiple types of home staging offered. Staging a vacant home requires furnishing and decorating. This is starting from a blank canvas and turning the home into a fully functioning place to live. An occupied home can go one of two ways. During the consultation, the professional stagers at Artique will be able to tell whether your occupied home needs additional furniture or adjustments. If it is in the clients best interest, we can work with the current furniture. This may require some decluttering and rearranging. Some places may require a hybrid model of staging. This would be where we work with any existing furniture that we can while also renting anything else that is needed.

What can a professional home stager do that a realtor or nonprofessional can't?

Professional home stagers are trained and certified. Staging a home may not sound difficult, until you realize how much work goes into it. Home stagers offer clients professional discounts that only registered home staging and decorating businesses can receive. We pass these discounts on to you! We also understand that selling your home can be stressful, time consuming, and emotional. Hiring a stager helps alleviate any pressure and takes up very little of the client’s time. At Artique, we take the time to research, understand, shop and customize everything for each client. We have a record and history of what sellers are looking for and know exactly what will elevate your home.

What are the benefits of hiring a home decorator?

Hiring a professional home decorator has a ton of perks. The biggest advantage is the professional discount that registered decorator’s receive and pass on to our clients. At Artique, we have a number of partnerships with the best home and furniture retailers, such as CB2, Crate & Barrel, West Elm, William Sonoma, Pottery Barn, and so much more! It doesn’t stop there. We also have relationships with many unique art dealers so your home will feel complete with custom art.

We also understand that busy people live busy lives. Decorating a home can be extremely tedious and can even take months between finding the right items, making sure everything works, and waiting for the delivery. Hiring a professional can alleviate all of those worries and time consuming activities. Whether you are looking for a full house makeover or you are just at a loss with what to do with the extra room you have in your home, the professionals at Artique can help. We will work with you to customize a vision, a detailed plan, and a budget. We will make sure to tailor your home to the exact aesthetic you are looking for.

Whether you’re hiring a home decorator for your full time residence, your airbnb, or even your office, we at Artique will make sure you are stunned with the results . We will make sure to come up with a completely customized vision for your space. Feel free to give us a call to discuss more about the process.